Sugar Today Declaring – The Declaration of Sugar

The Declaration of Sugar Independence may lead to greater freedom in the following situations: Headache, acne, irritable colon, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, asthma, depression, anxiety disorders, paranoia, arthritis, hyperactivity, concentration, problem solving, hypoglycemia, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, adrenal fatigue, memory, hormonal imbalance, dependence, alcoholism, infections, food sensitivity, general pain, irritability, chronic fatigue, premenstrual syndrome, obsessive obesity, obesity or weight control, type 2 diabetes, insomnia, energy loss, overgrowth of candidiasis, SIBO, sympathetic domination, insulin resistance and much more. Although stopping the habit of sugar has both short-term and long-term benefits, and some of these benefits may go unnoticed, there is usually immediate improvement in areas such as mood improvement, less anxiety, tension and stress, clarifying ideas, strengthening the immune system, and eliminating craving for sugar and carbohydrates. Secondly, for many of my loyal readers, the serious health consequences of sugar consumption are also a new concept, and for many people the new concepts are difficult to accept. It has helped me to overcome decades of debilitating anxiety attacks, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, unstable blood sugar levels, overheating and much more. The reason why it is so hard for people to get sugar out of their diet is that they are dealing with heavy addiction. To get sugar out of our diet, we must reprogram our mind and free ourselves from the brainwashing and conditioning that we have grown up with all our life. On the other hand, many people know how not to eat sugar, but they seem unable to resist its power of seduction. Even if someone wants to stop eating sugar, it usually takes some time before the task is completed, and from time to time some steps will be taken before the goal is reached. Like alcohol and drug abuse, overcoming sugar addiction and desire for sugar is a complex and multifaceted task. The reason why I insist on removing sugar from the diet is simple. The exclusion of sugar consumption is a topic that I hear a lot about for important reasons. At a time when health care costs are high and many people have financial difficulties, this is an extremely effective method of self-help, which costs absolutely nothing and does not require a doctor’s visit. Optimize your health with a paleo-diet, green lifestyle, care and other holistic self-care strategies without hip-hop. Whatever your health, you can’t go wrong with this simple change in your diet. You will benefit from improved brain function and improved health of the immune, gastrointestinal, metabolic, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Most people do not know as soon as this step can affect their physical, mental and spiritual health so much.

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