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Our goal is to make available to all and everywhere holistic research and health education taught by renowned experts, providing students with practical learning experiences similar to those used in a traditional university and giving them a strong sense of community, academic pride and loyalty to students. She received a strategic communications scholarship and was accepted to Kappa Tau Alpha a national university that honors a society “that recognizes academic excellence and encourages scholarships for journalism and mass communication. “Without working, Gillian often does art, enjoys nature or drinks coffee with herhusband Preston’. When someone joins the GKNZ, it’s important that he has the tools to build a holistic and sustainable mission, build his communities with confidence and change the face of health care through knowledge. I would say: “Make sure that what you do is your passion,” says Cindy Ross, a former graduate of the MS ACHS School of holistic nutrition. “Make sure you never stop learning,” said Lindsay Little, a former MS ACHS Holistic Nutrition student and a Full Bloom Acres winner. Many of our students and alumni contribute to society by owning successful holistic health care companies. “What you get is what you get,” says Hetnu Nefer, who holds his degree in Holistic Medical Practice from CHSA. Founded in 1978, Colegio Americano is a fully accredited online academic institute specializing in holistic healthcare. Gillian joined ACHS after earning a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and a bachelor’s degree in visual research from Linfield College. In our latest webinar, we talked to four fantastic women who have studied or are studying at CDHA and are also successful business leaders. So don’t forget the word resistance,” says Jennifer Lansdale, a qualified CHSA aromatherapist. This dedication to our students and alumni is reflected in our recent survey, which shows that 98 percent of our students would recommend CHSA to a friend or family member. “Because you’re going to start a business, make sure it’s your passion because you’re going to marry him, miss the weekend, miss the holidays. References: I am the Social Media Coordinator of the American College of Health Sciences, the institution that publishes this blog. Cindy owns several companies, including Life Wellness Forever and Socialize Your Bizness. She grew up in a remote rural area of South Oregon and spent a lot of time exploring the forest around her “home” and giving gardening lessons to other children in her “home” garden.

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