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Today I want to debunk the myth that eczema is amystery disease. “I will explain the functional medicine approach to eczema and how to find the root cause of eczema using the functional medicine approach. In a nutshell, if you have eczema or an outbreak of another autoimmune disease, think: history + triggers + mediators = cause of outbreak. To find the causes of eczema, FM uses what’s called the ATM model: it examines the disease in terms of history, triggers, and mediators. Conventional medicine views eczema as a disease without a cause, something that “just happens” and no one knows why. If you are looking for additional support in treating eczema and understanding its causes, you can always book a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation at our clinic:. Sweets were not the real cause of my eczema, but I knew that both processed foods and refined sugar were triggers for me. But if you go to your average Western doctor or dermatologist for eczema, they will probably tell you the same thing they told me when I was diagnosed with eczema: “You have eczema.” There can be many causes of eczema, and what causes an outbreak in my case may not bother you, but there is one major cause of eczema: autoimmune disease. During this free consultation, we will delve into your personal history to find the underlying causes of YOUR eczema In the case of eczema, it will be the root cause of the outbreak. You will likely be told that there is no known cause or cure for eczema and that the best thing you can do is treat the symptoms. In fact, recent research has reinforced FM’s view: many now view eczema as an autoimmune disease with possible causes. Conventional medicine views eczema as a skin disease. The goal is to find out what is fundamentally wrong with your body, to find out what causes eczema.

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