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The best complete nutritional alternative to vitamin-rich cod liver oil for people with dietary restrictions who cannot eat fish because of allergies or dietary philosophy. In addition to natural vitamins A and D, each teaspoon of cod liver oil contains 1,150 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory. The nutrients found in cod liver oil or whole food supplements are best absorbed and utilized by the body in the presence of an animal or in the fermented form of vitamin K2. One teaspoon of extra virgin cod liver oil contains 3,650 IU of natural vitamin A. Eating a few ounces of grass-fed liver once a week is the best way to include this vitamin in its natural form in your diet. One teaspoon of vitamin-rich cod liver oil contains about 350 IU of natural vitamin D. Thus, taking a daily drop in a small glass of water or fruit juice would be a natural alternative to taking a teaspoon of cod liver oil daily. Natural vitamins A and D are the main nutrients in unprocessed brands of fish oil. I’ve been getting a surprising number of letters lately from people sensitive to fish who are looking for alternatives to fish oil in their diets. There are three natural sources of vitamin D that you should try if you are sensitive to cod liver oil. Without a doubt, liver is the best natural source of vitamin A. In fact, a small daily dose of vitamin-rich unprocessed cod liver oil is an easy “insurance policy” for your health, especially during times of stress. The equivalent amount of vitamin A in dried herbal liver oil is 4 capsules. If you are severely allergic to fish, the best alternative to cod liver oil is grass-fed bacon. The good news is that you can certainly replace the nutrients in cod liver oil with other whole food sources. So, it takes about three-quarters of a teaspoon of lard to replace cod liver oil.

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