Great Mother – – The Great Mother Mother Earth or Gaia as

The Great Mother Earth or Gaia, as she is also called, has been worshipped in traditional cultures throughout the world since ancient times. She is the goddess of motherhood, fertility, creation and abundance in the natural world. You can honor the wisdom of the Great Mother by honoring her gifts and using them with joy and gratitude to heal the world. As your mother nourished you and birthed you, so the Great Mother gives life to all creation. Look at the wonders all around you-bright green leaves, flowers, nesting birds-and remember the gifts you receive each day from the Great Mother, the matriarch of this living, loving home. The wisdom of the Great Mother offers both protection and challenge, meeting the needs of the human spirit. Continue to learn to heal, thrive, and grow-one of the greatest gifts of a mother’s covenant of love and family is to learn. The Great Mother gives you everything you need to live and thrive, to learn and grow, to heal and awaken. Just as nature blossoms with new life in the spring, you are destined to discover new ways to grow in your spirit by opening your heart and mind. The Great Mother strengthens and protects life as it forms and grows. All of Great Mother’s children are one family and have the same needs and aspirations. Great Mother protects, nurtures and sustains life. Acting with Love on Earth is one of the Great Mother’s most important lessons – connection. Could it be that a child who learns to read in Los Angeles influences the future of a child in Nigeria who needs a desk, a book and school? Why wouldn’t it? The connections of the natural world are just as beautiful. A loving mother gives her child the nourishment and security that he or she needs, while nurturing his or her growth and independence. The natural world, the web of life, is truly a web capable of carrying vibrations of movement back and forth, far and wide, up and down. In the realm of the Great Mother, everything is growth and change.

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