Hi, friends. In this week’s edition of Ask the Health Coach Erin answers questions about balancing the effects of poor sleep, how to deal with a difficult partner, and what’s more important for optimal health: low stress or a primal diet. Food, nutrition, and health are part of a cultural context that is not currently being addressed in a way that appeals to specific communities for whom primitive living can literally save lives. P.S. The Primal Health Coach Institute team will have a live webinar with Mark next week: 3 things to look for in a health coaching program. One of the biggest challenges of adopting a primal lifestyle, or something that goes against the standard American diet, is dealing with loved ones who are not on the same page. Learn three simple steps to building a successful health education business in six months or less in this special briefing provided by Mark Sisson, co-founder of CPSI. Erin Power is director of coaching and curriculum at the Primary Health Coaching Institute. We’ve been married for over 40 years, so I can tease him about a carbohydrate hangover when he eats junk food at night and struggles to get out of bed. As you know, there are plenty of studies about the effects of eating processed snacks, processed oils and non-food products, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it. 1 Living with someone who agrees with that science certainly doesn’t do it either. Deep breathing, fasting, cold showers or vitamin B3 supplements can’t fool your body if you don’t get enough sleep regularly. If you are passionate about health and wellness and want to help people like Erin every day for “your” clients, consider becoming a certified health coach yourself. It just takes time and a little aging for some people to hear what their body is telling them, like “please don’t eat that.” So instead of trying to compensate for your less-than-optimal sleeping habits, try to improve them, at least by taking small steps first.

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