New Crystal – An in-depth look at crystal lattices learn

An in-depth look at crystal lattices; learn how to use them for effective manifestation! Using science as a platform, we will explore the sacred geometric foundations of lattices, their energy fields, their relationship to the crystal lattices of Mother Earth and how they work with distant healing. A very motivating way to start the course; learn how and why crystals work, explore the scientific and metaphysical aspects, and lay a solid foundation for effective crystal energy work. Geological information, such as the part of the earth’s crust in which the crystal formed, is particularly important in Chinese medicine: when a mineral forms in the deepest layers of the earth, it empowers the deeper layers of our body and soul. In this module you will learn about our unique and highly effective Hibiscus Moon Crystallotherapy method, with step-by-step instructions before, during and after your crystallotherapy session. Everything is broken down into simple, easy to understand steps that will help you feel confident in your crystal therapy session. In addition, there is a lot of metaphorical information about how the crystal was formed: a pressure-compressed stone will be very different from one that was formed during the cooling of molten lava. Learn how to use crystal-specific protocols to influence the correct energy fluctuations that support chakra health. Another way to put it is this: I see that some of the information I’ve gathered helps me connect with the crystal. The Academy is taught by me, Hibiscus Moon, author of Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work. With this elective course, you will benefit from a deep and vibrant connection with your ancestors as you indulge in powerful crystals. I was curious if my method was universal or completely unusual. So I asked my good friend and crystal advocate Maya Toll, author of The Illustrated Crystalarium, how she “discovered” new crystal – I even went so far as to ring the bells on the new crystal to break the bad vibrations! But incense is usually my first choice – I’m an herbalist by training, so I’ve always dried herbs in my office. See what I mean about why I like “your” approach so much? I hope these ideas help you start a new cup for yourself. Let me know if any of these are similar to what you’re doing, or if you have anything else you’d like to share with the Crystal family in the comments below. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I always write about the beautiful and insightful Crystal book her put together for us. After reading “her,” and if you know me and my scientific leanings, that’s it. For each new crystal I added to the book, I used a four-step method – five if you count what I wrote and shared what I learned. And the way I do it is as simple as it is a little esoteric: Holding the crystal in my hand, I sort through all the impressions I receive and see which ones make the crystal feel alive in my hands.

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