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Upcoming blogs will cover topics such as the changing concept of health care, the impact of health care design on other market sectors, improving access to health care through the use of technology, and designs that improve community and population health. Digital personal health record portals, such as Epic’s MyChart or Allscripts’ FollowMyHealth, allow patients to take control of their health by accessing and reviewing their records, and allow patients and physicians to review documents and results together to openly discuss next steps in treatment. In addition, some of the lower socioeconomic groups that could benefit from telemedicine live in technological deserts or lack the digital skills needed to make fully digital health decisions. As developers, one of the next challenges in this nascent digital health world is to create places where providers can communicate with each other, and to improve the face-to-face care environment and experience that will be complemented by online counterparts. Finding the right balance between face-to-face care and telemedicine allows people to get the best possible care and feel responsible for their health. It provides an opportunity to explore a “third space” that is far from home and not completely dependent on a personal device, but allows for remote medical care via telemedicine. Although the practice has only recently been adopted by many people thanks to COVID-19, physicians and patients are learning to incorporate it into their daily health care and disease prevention practices. Several criteria can be used to determine the strategic locations of these facilities, including: walking distance, broadband, extended hours, whether they currently serve other community needs, and whether they are safe and secure. During the COPID-19 outbreak in the early 2020s, many people were unable to leave their homes or dare to see a doctor in person because of the risk of infection. Outlook As the post-pandemic reality becomes more tangible, our company is already immersed in live events with promising results. With the convergence of high-performance computing, 5G mobile technology and massive amounts of data, the industry now has more opportunities to deploy technology beyond the hospital walls.

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