Gina Handley Schmitt – If you want a deep personal

If you want a deep personal connection and your friend can’t or won’t, the friendship can become stagnant and unfulfilling, Schmitt says. But any friendship in which you constantly feel ignored, devalued or belittled should be reevaluated, says Gina Handley Schmitt LMHC, a Seattle-based psychotherapist and author of “Friending: Creating Meaning and Lasting Adult Friendships.” But if you rarely feel like a priority or feel like your friend doesn’t appreciate you, it’s best to move on. If your friend doesn’t respect your feelings, the relationship is unhealthy. It’s often better to have a conversation about the reasons for ending the relationship so that both parties feel respected and can move on, understanding why things didn’t work out. “And trust requires honesty. “If your boyfriend can’t be trusted to be open or tell the truth, your relationship won’t thrive and can be a source of frustration. “The most important thing is to be committed to finding and maintaining healthy friendships,” Schmitt says. If you try to make plans, but your friend constantly cancels them, your friendship can fall apart if you stop trying. But if a friend is constantly taking and rarely giving, it’s not a balanced friendship. “Not all friendship breakdowns are permanent,” Schmitt says. “Sometimes friends find their way back to each other at a different stage of life. “As we get older, we can change later, reconnect and build a healthier relationship.” But one last conversation may be the best option, even if you find it hard to talk about what happened or why the friendship is no longer right for you. As Marlowe struggled emotionally, his friends communicated less and less with him, and he realized it was time to move on. Tell your friend why you are pulling away, but be careful how you convey it. On the other hand, if you are withholding good news so as not to hurt your friend’s feelings, it is a sign of jealousy. Be polite and composed, especially if your friend didn’t notice you coming and is hurt or embarrassed by your decision.

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