When doing Reiki self-healing one should end the session

When doing Reiki self-healing, one should end the session as usual and conclude by giving thanks to Reiki and the angels. She is deeply connected to the stars and angels, which are an integral part of “her” Reiki practice. Haripriya offers Reiki and angel healing workshops as well as personal star seed transmissions. A wave of fear, anxiety or other low-vibrational energies overwhelms us and we feel unwell. Ask the angels to enter your energy field and create space for you. Haripriya Suraj is a Reiki master, healing angel and starlight worker. During a Reiki session, nothing changes except that you are surrounded by angelic energy. This article describes a way to ask the angels to make room for us in times of need. The content of Reiki Rays is meant to be supportive, not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment. In this space, you are free to experience your deepest feelings. If you practice Reiki self-healing, you can also perform this process. As you practice Reiki, just keep practicing self-healing. Breathe in and relax into this angelic energy. Reiki is “her” constant companion, from which “she” draws peace and contentment.

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