A new survey by the American Association of Critical Care

A new survey by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses shows that 66% of the 6,000 emergency room nurses surveyed had considered quitting their jobs because of a pandemic. One study found that nurses were twice as likely to commit suicide as women without nursing care, according to data from 2007 to 2018. Stopping this pandemic is up to all of us, and our individual actions can save lives and help ensure the stability of our health care system, Wathen said. Bettencourt, an assistant professor of family and public health at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, reports that nurses admit to “her” that they want out of the profession. For example, a study published in May in the journal EClinicalMedicine found that of nearly 21,000 health care workers surveyed in the United States, 61 percent were very afraid of infecting themselves or their family members with the COVID-19 virus. Wathen, who works in the pediatric intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital Colorado, said it’s impossible to describe the overwhelming amount of death and despair “she” saw after COVID-19 filled hospitals to capacity. Other studies have also shown how many health care workers are affected by the pandemic. We know that a record number of nurses are walking out the door, but I’m very concerned about these numbers, Ms. Wathen says. 20, 2021 – Beth Wathen, an emergency room nurse, has been caring for critically ill patients for 35 years. Wathen and Bettencourt want the survey results to make it clear: Nurses need your help – vaccinations. 67% fear putting their family’s health at risk, and 92% think a pandemic would shorten nursing careers. Nurses have always been a vulnerable group, long before COVID-19 came to hospitals. They encourage anyone with questions or concerns about the vaccine to contact their primary care physician. I have never seen so many nurses thinking of giving up their profession. But I’m amazed at how large and overwhelmed these numbers are, says Amanda Bettencourt, PhD, president of the association. It breaks my heart as a nurse that the people I know [who] have given up or are about to give up their profession are people I admire,” “she” says.

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