According to William DiAntonio founder and CEO of

According to William DiAntonio, founder and CEO of Reputation911, the Internet has influenced how we find jobs and how employers find us, and we should use technology to our advantage by looking for companies, not jobs. DiAntonio is an expert on online reputation management and branding. He recently wrote a blog about what to do next when you’re looking for work. If you have a digital portfolio or work published online, sharing links to it on your LinkedIn profile is not only a great way to improve your online reputation, but also a great way to network and showcase your work to other professionals. Your online reputation is impeccable, you’ve built a solid resume, and you use LinkedIn to communicate professionally. It may seem difficult to put all of your skills and experience into one document, but there are many online resume builders that make the process easier. If you use job search engines like Indeed and LinkedIn, you can easily lose track of which jobs you applied for, when and how. Fortunately, you can use online resume forms that will work to your advantage with ATS. Clearing your online resume should be your first action before applying for a new job. Removing negative images or text that can damage your online reputation is an easy way to improve your ranking. What makes your resume stand out from hundreds of other potential candidates? If you have skills and experience that make you stand out from the crowd, all you have to do is put them on paper. You can choose from several templates and use writing guidelines to create the perfect resume that showcases your best skills and qualities. Remember that most large companies use an online application system called ATS (applicant tracking software). Write down what position you applied for and where you applied, the date you applied, and the contact information you need to contact the hiring department. Keeping a record of your applications will help you stay calm during your job search. As with the first point, update your profile and make sure your work experience and grades are up to date. In today’s world, people are inundated with spam and automated messages. So it’s best to leave a personalized voice message explaining exactly why you’re the best candidate for the job.

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