If you want to live your adult life to the fullest and have

If you want to live your adult life to the fullest and have a balanced emotional body, you must include your inner child on the healing team – and treat “her” as a valued part of it. Who or what inspires you today? What brought you happiness and deep peace today? Feel the love, compassion and understanding that gratitude brings to your life. Are you ready to awaken to your joyful and innocent youth? This is the card for reconnecting with an important wounded element in you-the inner child. The content of the Reiki Rays is intended as support, not as a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment. Accept people as they are and recognize that they are all learning from life and gradually becoming more conscious beings. If you want to make contact with your soul and the divine universe, gratitude is the golden key. Each path may be unique, but the purpose of the journey is the same, so learn to cooperate with others. Say out loud to that sacred part of you, “I am here! I am watching over you. Please seek professional help if you think you have an illness. Open up and allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable. Feel connected to all that you are. I love you and you are safe.

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