Food production currently accounts for about 20-35% of

Food production currently accounts for about 20-35% of greenhouse gas emissions and requires 70% of annual water withdrawals worldwide, according to the architect. Architect Andreas Tjeldflaat told Euronews Green that with this project “he” wanted to draw attention to the environmental damage and social inequality in our food systems. Food arteries are usually located in low-income neighborhoods where people have limited access to affordable and nutritious food due to the lack of large supermarkets and fresh food suppliers. Creative agency Framlab is tackling the problem of urban food deserts with a conceptual project called Glasir. So the solution for this project is to bypass these requirements and find ways to effectively implement solutions in the neighborhood, says the architect. It will allow us to reduce water and land use by about 90 percent, Tjeldflaat said. This cluster of modular vertical farms provides low-income neighborhoods with access to fresh produce. However, processed foods high in sugar and fat are still often available in large quantities. According to Tjeldflaat, due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, this number is estimated to be more than one in four. This creates a bleak environment in which plants do not need soil, but can grow and absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently than in traditional agriculture. The self-regulating system “he” developed uses aerodynamics to reduce water consumption. Glasir runs on renewable energy and rainwater, and even purifies the air with an outer layer on the greenhouse modules. In the U.S., one in ten households suffer from food insecurity each year. Check out this interview with Andreas Tjeldflaats about this self-regulating urban farm for communities. Vertical farming has been getting a lot of attention lately, but mostly in areas outside of cities. These greenhouse-like cubes are designed to be placed anywhere in the city where there is room for a regular tree.

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