Pumpkin spice pie pea pie with halloumi and mint lasagna

Pumpkin spice pie, pea pie with halloumi and mint, lasagna with mushrooms and lentils, and baked strawberry and ginger ice cream are recipes for delicious, nutritious, easy-to-make, and absolutely stunning dishes from Emma Galloway’s third book, written in “her” personal kitchen. Emma Galloway is the bestselling author of “My Dear Lemon Thyme” and “A Year in My Kitchen of Real Food.” Over the years, Emma Galloway, a chef and mother of two, has developed tips and tricks for making cooking easier, planning ahead and using easily substitutable ingredients. In My Darling Lemon Thyme: Everyday, you’ll find recipes for all tastes and with the ingredients you have at your disposal. She is also a former chef, photographer and creator of the award-winning cooking blog My Darling Lemon Thyme. Everyday meals should be quick and easy, with easy to find ingredients and simple techniques. She won the Tui Flower Award for Best Recipe Writing at the 2019 NZ Food Media Awards. HarperCollins recognizes traditional care for the land we live and work on and respects seniors, past and present. She writes and photographs for a regular column in Cuisine magazine and lives in Raglan, New Zealand, with “her” husband and two children. The recipes are all vegetarian, delicious and gluten-free – recipes you can trust, for every season and every day. A book full of generous and vibrant dishes. Visit the Australian Booksellers Association website to find a bookstore near you. Her work has appeared on Oprah.com, Food52 and in the Guardian newspaper, among others. As nutritious as it is delicious. Links lead to the website’s home page.

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