But first you need to align your energy centers then

But first you need to align your energy centers, then activate this gland, but also keep a positive attitude in your current life, radiate in the area of emotions, which will lead you to a great life experience. In this article you will find 3 meditations that will bring you everything you want in life if you focus your energy, thoughts and emotions on your goals, especially your desired future. Let’s start with this meditation, which will help you direct light into your brain and heart, the main centers of creating your desired life. The final meditation is to program new beliefs in your mind because we were created broken people with a lot of insecurities and disappointments that we internalized in the first 6 years of our lives, after which the subconscious mind was shut down. The energy centers spread energy throughout the body, increasing not only your manifestation potential, but also your positive feelings, health and love for life and all human beings. By practicing the following meditation, you can activate your pineal gland and create a magnetic field around your head that will accelerate the realization of your dreams. But don’t forget the importance of a healthy lifestyle, because it gives you energy, the light that you send through your energy centers to your brain and heart. For best results, this meditation should be done after aligning your energy centers and activating your pineal gland. So by sending energy from your lower energy centers through your spine to your brain and tensing your abdominal muscles, you compress your pineal gland and create a magnetic field around your head that allows you to download more information from the source. But meditate only in a healthy environment, such as in nature or in a room with a chi generator pulsing with abundant life energy, which depletes the toxic energies generated by electromagnetic fields. Here is the second meditation I recommend to accelerate the materialization of your goals. If you have a radio-electronic device, while listening to this meditation, set the frequency to 33 Hz, which is great for activating Christ consciousness. These are the most powerful meditations I have found to share with people who want to buy a radionic device from our store and see results very quickly. Whoever has more chi energy manifests faster, but also with the radionic devices available in our store, you can associate a visualization with a certain frequency and every time your body feels it, it will remember the event as something from the past. Do you think about what you want? Who would you like to see in your life? What is your desired monthly income? What kind of friends would you like to have? What kind of house would you like to live in? Record each day’s steps in that direction and meditate with Joe Dispensas on upcoming audio recordings. Some models turn the audio recordings into a life energy boost that your subconscious mind can absorb while you sleep. I have visited many meditation centers where people meditate in energetically polluted places, throwing body, mind and spirit out of balance.

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