The only problem is that the sulfur compounds that can

The only problem is that the sulfur compounds that can fight cancer, increase antioxidant status and prevent liver damage are the same compounds that make raw onions and garlic so pungent and inedible. Fortunately, research shows that the enzyme myrosinase can release more allelic sulfur compounds and make onions more heat-resistant if you slice them and let them rest for at least ten minutes before cooking. If you want to consume the beneficial sulfur compounds of allium, you should eat allium plants raw and sliced. Garlic, onions, shallots and leeks contain a variety of sulfur compounds, some of which have great potential. But you also don’t want to miss all the wonderful sulfur-organic compounds we’ve already talked about. One group of scientists supports my method, stating that three to four minutes of light steaming — to the point of exhaustion — is ideal. Animal sources contain many sulfur-containing amino acids, which we undoubtedly need, but they do not contain sulfur-containing compounds. Again, studies confirm that steamed cabbage contains more bioavailable sulfur-containing compounds than cabbage cooked at high temperatures in the microwave. The sulfur-containing compounds in all types of cabbage can reduce or neutralize carcinogens produced by high-temperature cooking. You can’t eat a head of cabbage like an apple or make a good salad with raw onions, raw garlic and raw broccoli stems. Some people like it raw – I don’t, except for a little chopped garlic in salads and some raw onions in a salad – but most people prefer it cooked.

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