Hair Dyes – In addition to the results of Heikkinen other

In addition to the results of Heikkinen, other researchers have found an increased risk of cancer associated with the use of hair dyes. The results of the use of hair dyes that increase the risk of cancer in humans are sufficient to attract the European Commission. According to Sanna Heikkinen of the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Cancer Registry, dyeing practices can increase the risk of breast cancer. However, studies show that some chemicals contained in hair dyes may react with other air pollutants, which is an incentive for tumors to develop. He mentioned a 23 per cent increase in breast cancer risk among people who regularly dye their hair. There is no direct explanation for the fact that hair dyes can be a risk factor for breast cancer. Fortunately, while natural alternatives to commercial products are so prevalent, there are other hair colouring options that are safer and less chemically intensive than most products on the market. After all, they gave up their support for hair dyes across Europe, suggesting that there was no significant evidence of the safety of hair dyes. Commercial hair dyes contain more than 5000 different chemicals. There are also things like coffee, herbs, henna, tea and more that can help give hair a certain color if you choose to look more natural. The European Union, on the other hand, has made progress in the last two decades by banning nearly 1,400 chemicals in personal care products. Did you know that the United States only partially prohibits the use of 30 chemicals in personal care products? Exactly. Heikkinen examined 8,000 women with breast cancer and compared them to a control group of 20,000 women.

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