Than Mental Intelligence – You have to be detained

In his book “Emotional Language”, Carla McLaren describes four “Intellectuals”, which I call the “Full Health Intelligence“. “As an empathic researcher who was once an intuitive healer,” “openly admits that science cannot prove the existence of these four intellects. Although mental intelligence is what we commonly call “intelligence,” researchers have identified seven different types of intelligence, not only logical, but also linguistic, musical, physical-kinetic, spatial, interpersonal and intra-personal. What we may call “clairvoyants,” or “oracles,” or “visionaries,” tend to have a more complex intuitive intellect, an intellect often used by many modern therapists and doctors who learn to rely on their seemingly irrational knowledge of how to help patients. In the absence of our other three intellects, mental intelligence becomes unbalanced and ends in the confusion in which we are currently, because our leaders seem to focus exclusively on mental intelligence with all its limitations. Even the feeling of fear, which is often slanderous, is justified. If we work intelligently with our emotional intelligence, we will see that even emotions such as anger, jealousy, horror and even hatred arise because we are trained to take protective measures in a useful way, learn to guide water emotions and let them rise and fall like waves. I invite you to expand your consciousness so that you can also benefit from intuitive intelligence, emotional intelligence and somatic intelligence that is often libelous or neglected. This type of intellect can take the form of direct knowledge, downloads, pre-cognitive dreams, and even visionary achievements, such as those reported by many scientists when deeply investigating a scientific puzzle. Without their intellectual intelligence, they risk becoming one of those unreasonable fortune hunters, great and utopian, convinced that the crown virus cannot attack them because they are the seeds of Pleiade, here in the planetary rescue mission and therefore immune to the virus and freely break the rules. If you are traumatized or conditioned by your intuitive intelligence, you can “pay what you can” to take my program “Connect to your inner light of pilot”.

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