Facial Wrinkles | – Multi-nutrient mixture of vitamin C

Multi-nutrient mixture of vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, selenium, zinc, amino acids and glycosaminoglycans, blueberry extract and pycnogenol obtained from the French sea pine improved the visible signs of aging in women aged 45-73 years. Skin elasticity increased by 9% after six weeks of treatment, and skin roughness decreased by 6% after 12 weeks of treatment. ii] Foolad N et al. “A random and controlled prospective pilot study of the effect of amon consumption on skin lipids and wrinkles” Phytother Res. iii] Also Jaime A et al. Evaluating the effect of date palm extract formulation on facial wrinkles: biophysical measurements and numerical profile” J. Foolad N et al, “Random and controlled pilot study of the effect of Amon consumption on lipids and wrinkles” Phytother Res. Cosmet Sci. The food nourishes the skin, as demonstrated by a number of natural ingredients and plant extracts that can help reduce and prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face. P Campos and other “synergy effects of green tea and ginkgo biloba extracts on improved skin barrier function and elasticity” J. Dermatol drug. v] Segger D and other “Evelle supplements improve skin smoothness and firmness in double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 62 women” J Dermatologist treatment. It has also been proven to be an excellent product for skin lightening and anti-aging protection, which inhibits the production of melanin or pigment that stains the skin. vii] In one experiment, it also reduced wrinkles, inhibited the breakdown of collagen and improved skin tone, hydration and complexion. The jury hasn’t yet determined what the true source of youth is, but there are natural substances that can really slow down the appearance of wrinkles and make skin radiant and young for a long time. Even the daily consumption of almonds, a healthy snack, can reduce the severity and depth of wrinkles in postmenopausal women, highlighting the potential benefits almonds can bring from aging. There are other alternatives to expensive synthetic cosmetics that help eliminate these wrinkles. Green tea and ginkgo extracts have been combined to significantly improve the thickness of the epidermis and the number of cell layers, indicating a moisturizing effect on deeper skin layers and increased cell renewal. Part of the fight against wrinkles and other age-related impurities is understanding your skin’s history: it reflects the health of your body from within, taking into account all the toxins and chemicals contained in your diet and environment, chronic stress, activity levels and other lifestyle options. A study conducted in February 2020 showed that pomegranate cream, rich in anthocyanins, as a current formulation, can have strong anti-aging activity. vi] Anthocyanins are antioxidant compounds that give pomegranate seeds their color. Particular attention is paid to the health of the environment. Our focused and in-depth research will explore many ways in which the current state of the human body directly reflects the real environment. vii] Saba E et al. “Korean red ginseng extract improves melanogenesis in humans and causes antiphotogenic effects in hairless mice with ultraviolet B” J Ginseng Res One study showed that women who eat more green and yellow vegetables have significantly less wrinkles. i] Skin-friendly fats are also found in meat fed with grass and dairy products, wild salmon, coconut and olive oil, to name just a few.

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