Bitter Orange Essential – vi Kamalifard M et

vi] Kamalifard M et al. “Comparison of the effect of lavender and bitter orange on the quality of sleep in postmenopause women: a randomized, triple-blind, controlled clinical trial on women’s health. In a 2015 study, researchers in postmenopause women tested molasses with lavender for anxiety relief. iv] Bitter orange significantly reduced anxiety in postmenopause women compared to the control group, with no significant differences in performance compared to the lavender group. In a randomized, controlled, blinded study of 80 subjects in Iran, patients were randomly assigned to two groups: one group inhaling 15 to 20 minutes of bitter orange essential oil about an hour before angiography, and one control group inhaling distilled water. iv] Farshbaf-Halili A et al. “Comparison of the effect of lavender and bitter orange on anxiety in postmenopausal women”: “triple blind, randomized, controlled” supplement to clinical practice. iii] Moradi K et al. “Citrus aurant essential oil relieves anxiety in coronary angiography patients: a randomized, controlled, mono-blind trial”. Chin J Integr Med. x] Ahmady S et al. “Comparison of the effect of aromatherapy with lavender and orange essential oils on fatigue in hemodialysis patients”. Chin J Integr Med: Randomly controlled single blind study” Additional clinical therapeutic practice. Using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Inventory, the study found that bitter orange and lavender significantly improved average sleep quality in the first group compared to the second. If you are looking for a natural, inexpensive way to deal with anxiety and sleep, it is worth exploring essential oils as part of your arsenal. The most commonly used part of the plant is citrus skin, while essential oils are usually obtained by cold pressing. ii] Essential oils have a yellow to green hue, a subtle consistency, and smell like a cross between the sweetness of sweet orange oil and the slight bitterness of grapefruit oil. The levels of anxiety and vital functions in the essential oil group – including blood pressure and heart rate – have dropped significantly, while in the control group no significant changes have been observed in any of the areas. Moraes T et al. “Healing effect of citrus aurantium and dhlimonene essential oils on stomach mucosa: role of VEGF, PCNA and COH-2 in cell proliferation” J Med Nutritional essential oils have been known for their rich health and therapeutic applications since ancient times. This essential oil is useful in many cases such as colds, constipation, bloating, dull skin, oral and gum conditions, flu and slow digestion.

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