Bill Gates ’ – Animals think plants think trees think

Animals think, plants think, trees think, even microorganisms think, but not like the human brain. But all of them have evolved, survived and changed over time, and that is why they “think”, and the brain or some other mechanism that gives the body the ability to adapt and survive, is associated with RNA and DNA and DNA and is able to change and push RNA and DNA and so change so that it can survive Director Navdagny and the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, she is a tireless advocate of the rights of farmers, peasants and women. She is the author and publisher of several influential books, including “Reconcile with the Earth,” “Soil Not Oil,” “The New Wars of Globalization,” “Sovereignty in Seeds,” “Food Security: Women on the Frontlines,” and “Who Really Nourishes Peace? Body activity” that Microsoft wants to study includes human body radiation, brain activity, circulation of body fluids, blood circulation, organ activity, body movements such as those of the eyes, face and muscles, and any other activity that can be observed and displayed through images, waves, signals, text, numbers, degrees or other information or data. There are few religions, philosophies, psychologies or organized thinking systems that do not separate the “person” from nature and put the “person or person” above all other forms of life, distorting the way we relate to everything else. According to him, the real threat to life is not rockets, but microbes. When the coronavirus pandemic spread like a tsunami five years later, he “resurrected” the language of war and described the pandemic as a “world war”. When we cut down forests, when we turn farms into industrial monocultures that produce toxic, nutrient-poor raw materials, when our food is degraded by industrial processing with synthetic chemicals and genetic engineering, and when we maintain the illusion that land and life are raw materials that can be used to make a profit, then we really make a connection. Take the example of the “father of philosophy”: René Descartes. “His “I think I’m for” quote gives the impression that only life forms that have “supposedly” rational thinking are really important, and everything else is more primitive and inferior to man. Instead of being sovereign, spiritual, conscious and intelligent beings who, with their wisdom and ethical values, make decisions and make choices about the impact of our actions on the natural world and the society of which we are a part and with which we are inextricably linked, we are “users”. A “user” is a consumer who has no choice in the digital field. We are connected to the world through the spread of diseases such as coronavirus, because we invade other species’ homes, manipulate plants and animals for commercial gain and greed, and cultivate monocultures. New diseases arise because globalized, industrialized and inefficient agriculture invades habitats, destroys ecosystems and manipulates animals, plants and other organisms without concern for their integrity and health. When I look to the future in the world of fools and barons of technology, I see even more polarized humanity in a large number of “outcasts” who have no place in the new empire. The coronavirus pandemic and localization have shown even more clearly how we reduce ourselves to controlled objects, where our bodies and minds are new colonies to be invaded. But instead of joining together in a continuous chain of health that protects the biodiversity, integrity and self-organization of all living beings, including humans, we are bound together by disease. We can sow a different future, deepen our democracies, restore our common good, and revive the Earth as a living member of the One Earth family, rich in our diversity and freedom, united by our unity and connection.

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