Properly Prepare Beans – Lectins are a type of

Lectins are a type of anti-nutrients found in many plant products, from cereals and beans to pumpkins and night plants. If everything else fails, it is better to dip the dried beans in clean water at night than not to dip them at all, but you can adjust the soaking process to get the most out of it. If you are on a traditional or healthy diet such as DCS, AIP, GAPS Paleo Paleo, or a leaning diet, beans are one of the most confusing products you will ever hear. But if you dip the beans before cooking, you can significantly reduce the amount of phytate in the beans and make them safer to eat even in large quantities. Raw beans contain a lot of lectins and if not cooked properly, they can infect people. Should they be soaked too? Or should they be soaked when they are ripe, such as dried beans and split peas? And cashew peanuts and nuts, which also belong to the same family of plants. If you have excluded the beans from your diet, I hope they can be reintroduced by soaking them and cooking them well. On the one hand, it probably grew up believing that cashew beans are a “healthy food”. “They are universal, cheap, tasty and stuffed, there is a good reason why they are the main food in the world diet. If we dip the beans before cooking, we can significantly reduce the content of phytic acid in cooked beans. Fear of the consequences of “stolen” phytates has forced many people to completely remove the beans from their diet. Beans contain a large number of lectins and phytates, so some intestinal products completely eliminate beans. If we respect everyone’s right to adapt their diet to their own needs, there is certainly no need to give up beans in order to be healthy or protect their nutrients. Key: In Thy notebook it is written 4:1 beans for water, and in Thy horoscope it is written 4:1 water for beans. In your mother’s memory, a Canadian French bean says 4:1 water for beans, but I will let you, as an expert, ask for advice. If beans soak before cooking, they are also less likely to cause digestive problems such as flatulence and swelling. Like all vegetable foods, the beans contain anti-nutrients.

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