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The results showed that quercetin and cocaine can reduce on-the-stomach glycemia, reduce fat accumulation in the liver, relieve renal fibrosis and reduce blood fat.Protective Model Diabetes Mellitus type 2, caused by diabetes mellitus with a high content of fat, streptozotocin, was first determined, and then the model animals were washed with metformin, quercetin and cocaine for 8 weeks. This study was conducted to study the effect of quercetin and cocaine on fat reduction and renal fibrosis and the relationship of these compounds with autophagy. It is important to note that the simultaneous treatment with quercetin and crocine had a greater effect than the treatment of any of the substances separately. Quercetin and croquin are the main active substances of species Eucommia and Gardenia respectively. Before conducting natural, integrative or traditional treatment, it is recommended to seek advice from a recognized medical specialist. By providing this information, we do not diagnose, treat, relieve or prevent any disease or condition. Over 500 pages of alternatives and information about natural medicine.

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