Compassionate Lens – It is also true that people who think

It is also true that people who think black and white have difficulty understanding these paradoxical realities. When people are traumatized, especially when they experience developmental trauma in early childhood and attachment trauma, there may be a tendency to focus on immature cognitive processes such as black and white thinking. It is true that we must save children, but it is also true that conspiracy theorists play with dirty, dirty activists who break their necks to prevent child sex trafficking and protect children from pedophilia. Such a “war of minds” turns cult members against outsiders and fuels the idea, both in black and white, that the people inside are good, and the people outside are bad. It is true that it is harder to hate incestuous family members who made criminal pedophilia out of you than to project your hatred on known suspects in pedophilia without any reason. It is also true that billionaires can be philanthropists trying to use their wealth for a noble cause. To understand the psychology of all this, it is useful to know that sensitivity to conspiracy thinking is often rooted in black and white thinking – all is good or bad. This article is for those whose loved ones found themselves in the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory, who accepted QAnon’s faith, were “awakened” or “preached” and no one can understand why. If it’s real and they haven’t broken too many bridges, tell them you’ll always be there to greet them, if they change their mind, as if you joined a yoga sect, applied to Scientology or were deceived in the NHIVM So you don’t have to be paranoid to suspect that people in positions of power can mislead the public.

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